Healing Treatments

Spiritual Healing is a very gentle therapy thus a healing session is also very gentle.  In a typical healing session, the Healer will ensure that you, the Patient, are comfortable.  He/she will then discuss any problems with you and, if it is your first visit, explain what he/she will be doing; this will most likely be followed by a guided relaxation exercise (usually just focussing on breathing, nothing physical) which could be followed by a visualisation exercise.  The Healer will then start the actual 'healing' by standing behind you and placing his/her hands gently on you shoulders; this helps the Healer attune to you and assists in the channelling of the healing energy (the Healer could also attune by holding your hands or just sitting in front of you for a short time).  Once attuned, the Healer will then place his hands on, or above, the body at different positions to which he/she is drawn; this will usually include the area which you feel is causing trouble.  The Healer will be sensitive to your modesty at all times and will not touch any inappropriate areas; however, if you prefer not to be touched at all, tell the Healer before the treatment has begun.  During the healing session, you may experience hot, cold or tingling sensations from the Healer's hands or from within yourself; or you may feel nothing at all; or you may become aware of a feeling of peacefulness and calmness within you.  At the end of the healing session, the Healer will discuss what you felt during the session, answer any questions about the session, he/she may suggest a relaxation/visualisation routine to help you between sessions.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is a complementary therapy that utilises the natural energy of the Universe to bring about beneficial transformations in the individual.  The energy is channelled through the Healer to the Patient and activates the Patient's own self-healing mechanisms.  Spiritual Healing works gently, yet powerfully, at all levels (mind, body, spirit) to bring about a state of harmony where healing can take place.  Spiritual Healing has been shown by more than 400 research studies to be beneficial for a wide range of problems.

What is a Spiritual Healer?

A Spiritual Healer is a person who has learned to link with and channel healing energy.  Some have been able to 'heal' since childhood, others have had the gift awakened in adulthood.

Is Spiritual Healing the same as Spiritualism?

No.  Spiritualism is a religion; Spiritual Healing is a therapy.  The term 'spiritual' in Spiritual Healing refers to the human spirit; it has no religious connotations.  Spiritual Healing is practiced by members of all religions and also by those without any religion.

Is Spiritual Healing the same as Faith Healing?

No.  Spiritual Healing does not depend on the beliefs of either Patient or Healer.  In fact, a good deal of research, showing beneficial effects, on Spiritual Healing has been conducted on non-human subjects (e.g. cell cultures, animals, plants) which shows that belief in the effect is not required.

Isn't it all just about 'positive attitude' and the placebo effect?

No.  If it was these things then is it likely that it would work on plants, animals or cell cultures?  It brings about cellular change in a culture — is the culture trying to get better?  Also, most, and possibly all, of the research studies mentioned above have discounted 'placebo'.  On the other hand, having a positive attitude is always a good thing and will help whether you go to your doctor or to a Healer.

Does being 'healed' mean I will be cured?

No, not necessarily.  Most dictionaries define 'healing' and 'curing' in terms of each other but there are differences.  A person is 'cured' when a disease or diseased part has been removed by drugs, surgery or other means; however, this does not mean that the root cause of the disease has been removed thus it could recur.  Healing is about getting at root causes; Healing brings the body into balance and thus makes it harder for disease to survive in the body.  Bear in mind that your doctor cannot guarantee a cure either and, in a lot of cases, only gives drugs that contain a condition; these drugs often cause harm in other ways (e.g. statins and steroids).

What will I feel?

The most common feelings are warmth or coolness often accompanied by pleasant tingling sensations; afterwards you will feel very relaxed and may have a deep sense of peace.

I'm feeling better, should I stop taking my medication?

No, definitely not.  Healing is not a substitute for allopathic medicine; it complements whatever the doctor is aiming to achieve.  Healing will improve your health but it is not an alternative to medical care.

Can Spiritual Healing be used on animals?

Of course.  In fact, they tend to respond better to 'healing' than people; this is possibly because they don't have beliefs or preconceptions that get in the way.  Spiritual Healing is regularly used to treat horses and domestic pets with very good results.

Are there any side-effects?

None have ever been recorded.  People who are very stressed may experience mild discomfort as the body releases the emotional blocks and starts to come back into harmony; this is short-term and is a case of feeling worse before you get better.

Do I need to remove clothing during Healing sessions?

No, absolutely not.  There is no need to remove clothing; most healers will ask you to remove spectacles, if you wear them, and sometimes jewellery but nothing beyond this.  Of course, you may feel more comfortable by removing a coat or jacket or even shoes but there is no reason whatsoever to go beyond this.

Finally, the healing session is about making you feel better and bringing about a state of well-being in you; this means you should be comfortable with the Healer and the environment.  For example, if you would be more comfortable discussing any problems with a Healer of your own gender then do not hesitate to ask the Association to recommend a Healer of your own gender.  You may also feel happier receiving healing in your own home; ask the Association if they have Healers who are willing to come to you.