Website Links

Members' and General Healing:


Josiane's site.  Josiane runs Reiki Courses, that give a very thorough grounding in healing, near Montpellier in the south of France.

Reiki Energy

Reiki Energy is an East-Anglian based organisation that provides quality-training in Reiki to produce competent Reiki practitioners.

Spiritual Workers Association

Umbrella Association for all spiritual workers (mediums, readers, traders, publishers, healers and other complementary therapists).  Membership is free

Member Associations:

Healers 2006

National Healing Organisation.

The International Healing Fellowship

Healing Association operating in the UK and Europe.

Suffolk Healers Association

Healing Association operating mainly in East Anglia.

The Whomerley Spiritual Church and Centre

Independent Church and Healing Centre.

Science and Healing:

Toni Bunnell's Homepage

This site, by a zoologist who is also a spiritual and reiki healer, contains some interesting articles on healing and, in one article, she puts forward a possible theory of healing.

Wholistic Healing Research

Highly informative site, by Dr Daniel Benor, which includes an impressive list of medical research studies and articles on healing.


BALENS (Insurance Brokers)

Healthcare Insurance Providers

The Charity Commission

Information, guidance and legal requirements for charities.


Mesothelioma Hope

We are committed to providing hopeful information and resources on top mesothelioma treatments, specialists, financial options, and more.

The Art of Life

Cancer Support with a Difference.  Serving Diss, Norfolk and surrounding parishes.

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center

Site with lots of information on mesothelioma, asbestos and treatments.

Mesothelioma Support Network

Resource site whose aim is to provide accurate, relevant information and awareness to victims, their families and the general public on the dangers of asbestos and the realities of mesothelioma.

The Findhorn Foundation

Home site for the famous Findhorn Foundation.  Well worth a visit.

European Herbal Practitioners Association

Very informative site on the legal goings-on with herbal medicine.

Keith Foster – natural philosopher and author

Keith Foster is a researcher, writer and lecturer. He has spent most of his life focusing on unlocking the structure and technology of the ancient worldwide civilization, and also its healing technologies. He has written books on Cancer, Slimming and Life after Death.