About Us

The Friendly Group of Spiritual Healers Associations is an Association (see Members), which represents Spiritual Healers.  The Group is non-profit making, independent and autonomous; the Group meets regularly to discuss current events and issues within the spiritual healing field.


The main aims of the Group are to:

  • to promote, and maintain, ideals and values that are shared rather than imposed;
  • to make decisions by consensus, not imposition;
  • to be well-informed about current national ideas on healing and subsequent politics;
  • to self-regulate and update standards of practice by discussion and agreement;
  • to encourage other associations who, currently, are not part of any national organisation to join us;

and to promote the healing movement to the public and to monitor the changing face of healing, on a national level, so that informed decisions can be made.

The Friendly Group represents approximately two thousand full and probationer healers.  Whilst each organisation is independent of each other; all share similar ideals and values concerning Code of Conduct, Training Practices and Complaints Procedures.

The Friendly Group is a group of associations who are truly generous in spirit, being prepared to share ideas, information, knowledge and expertise, etc. for the benefit of everyone; to be aware of current ideas, events and attitudes that concern healing for the purpose of mutual benefit whilst maintaining their independence and autonomy.

The Friendly Group is also open to Reiki Healer groups who are looking for an 'umbrella' group that could offer help and support in regards to the everchanging legislation and ideas concerning healing?  The Friendly Group meets two times a year and we offer support through mutual exchange of information

We came together because we are like-minded; we care what happens to not only the healers in our own associations but also to all healers in this country and if, in some small way we can help to make a difference, we will try.